Summer of Preparation, Goal Setting & Getting to Know One Another

You’ve committed to mentoring a student…now what!? Here’s a guide as you prepare to mentor and what to expect during those first few (awkward) weeks together:

Building a Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationship: here are 5 smart components that help create a solid foundation. Prior to your first meet-up set some goals and expectations for yourself.

Out-of-the-Box Mentoring Activities: review this list together and select some that seem interesting; 2 for you and 2 for your student should be a good start!

Managing Dilemmas & Creating Open Dialogue: awkward, confusing and frustrating matters will come up, especially at the start. It takes time to develop a communication strategy that works for you both, plus getting to know an unrelated younger/older person is a unique experience. Give yourselves grace and offer positive, high-five language frequently.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” - Brené Brown

Your student mentee has been busy this summer, as well. Here are few key items we hope you’ll discuss as you’re getting to know one another:

Volunteer Activities

In relation to their service hours ask them where, why and if they enjoy their time there?

Look to your own connections in the community; is there a volunteer project you enjoy and would be open to sharing with your mentee? Another idea for incredibly enriching meet-ups would to join us at our PTC service day events where we clean up coastlines and parks, package meals during the holidays and provide hands-on support to other community organizations.

Your mentee could also create a Volunteer Match profile and search for opportunities in their respective fields of interest or connect with PBC Gov by texting 41411 and entering keyword, PBCCAN, for updates on local volunteer opportunities.

Collegiate Browsing

Maybe your mentee has been on a college campus, maybe not. Our fellowship is full of first-generation college-bound students so don’t assume anything. There are several local colleges students can visit (and will as a PTC fellow) such as FAU in Boca, PBA in West Palm Beach and FAU Honors in Jupiter. They also have the opportunity to join in on College Tours during Fall, Spring and Summer breaks where they’ll visit 3-5 campuses all over Florida (typically starting before their Junior year). In the meantime, we encourage you to browse online via You Visit and Virtual Campus Tours (start with your own alma mater!).

Beginning Test Prep

Yes, we offer tutoring each week to our fellows, but there are numerous opportunities for self-study. This year your mentee will take the following exams:

  1. Practice-SAT exam (PSAT)

  2. College Placement Test (PERT) to determine dual-enrollment eligibility

  3. SAT Subject Tests

To prepare your mentee should register and get familiar with the Khan Academy study offerings at this time. This is a great tool to navigate together during your meet-ups.

Supplemental Reading

We fondly refer to our fellowship (mentors included) as a community of book-nerds and intellects. Fostering an appreciate of casual and study-focused reading is vital to our students success. Try the following to find out what your mentee is currenty reading:

  • Ask your mentee for their academic syllabus and compare any books that you read in your youth.

  • Check out the NY Times Books section or the Good Reads high school reading list.

  • Visit the local library: scout their public events calendar to book a meet-up there or spend time sourcing publications on travel, leisure or potential career interests.

  • Research podcasts and audio books to explore other ways of absorbing literature and information.