Fall Productivity, Student Involvement & Building a Support Network

Getting Involved

School clubs and extracurricular activities, while they have changed dramatically over the years, are still one of the most exciting parts for any high school student. Your mentee has completed their freshman year and has possibly explored all their is to offer on campus, including our academic fellowship, and will possibly be joining sports teams, band and other special-interest groups. When possible, join your student at any of their performances or competitions and be a cheerleader for their interests! It’s a fun way of getting to know the non-academic side of them and helps them feel connected to you.

….At school…open house night, morning announcements & afternoon news…

….Activities available in community…and exploring the subjects…..

Support Network

It’s not necessary for you to get acquainted with them, but knowing a little about your student’s support network can assist in building your mentoring relationship, for sure! Their Coach, Guidance Counselor, Academic Adviser, Clergy and of course, their parent(s), all play an incredibly vital role in the success of their scholastic years. Adding a Mentor ignites the candle on the beautifully iced cake! As such you can encourage your mentee to craft a script of their college-bound plans so they can inform each person of their goals. Here are some ways to create positive discussion around the subject:

Guidance Counselor



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….PERT for dual enrollement and study guides for PERT….

Updating Academic Plan

Desiree Webb-Oftedal