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Path to College pairs highly motivated low-income students with a one-on-one mentor as part of our exclusive academic fellowship program. With the firm belief that low-income students with high academic aspirations need targeted guidance along the path to college, we recruit committed professionals to encourage our students, hold them accountable, and help them achieve their goals. The mentor and student meet once a week for a period of three years. We provide college preparation guidance to our mentors, ongoing training, and require a background check. The mentors are able to schedule meetings with their student on their own time, and can arrange to meet the student during lunch at their high school, at a community location after school, on the weekends, or even digitally via video conference.



is a local, experienced, and committed professional who wants to help a motivated, low-income student enrich their academic growth and achieve their goals. The most effective mentors serve as a positive role model and friend, and take the lead in building a relationship grounded in mutual respect, goal-setting, and self-esteem building.

We require a completed application, background check, three personal references, an in-person interview, and a two hour training session in order to match you effectively with one of our amazing students. Desirable qualities include being a willing listener who is patient, supportive, encouraging and tolerant of diversity.


Training for volunteers

We provide a two-hour training session to provide the basis of what you legally need to know to work with adolescents, as well as suggested relationship building activities, and to go over any potential challenges that might come up during the developing relationship. We also provide ongoing individualized support, optional group activities, and college preparation guidance.


Through continued support from our mentoring program coordinator,
the mentors are guided to assist the students with: 

●           Academic support

● Social/emotional support and guidance

●           Career preparation/soft skills

●           College Professor Research

●           College Search and Selection

●           College Application guidance and timelines

●           Internship application search and support

●           Scholarship search and applications


One-on-One mentoring
gives our fellows a sounding board, non-authoritarian friend, and cheerleader. We gender match based on interests and personality types to make a better match. 



Ongoing training and support:

Our mentors conduct annual training in cultural sensitivity and college counseling advisement. They get regular interaction, advice, and support from our program director. We create an online community for our mentors to spread information and collaborate on what works best in exam preparation, college counseling, assistance, preparation, education, and mentoring. We also organize group “Meet Ups”  to allow our mentors to socialize and share what works and what doesn’t.




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