Summer Vacations full of Volunteering and Visiting

Service work is a pillar of the PTC fellowship. Participating in local community events by offering time and self for what their neighborhood needs now brings up a sense of leadership and pride. Volunteering is proven to make you happier and connects other professionals with our future leaders!

This summer, your student should aim to complete at least two of the following:

No season is ever wasted!

Top Ten College List

It’s time to narrow down the list from 20+ to 10 high interest universities. Our students should browse numerous Florida schools, a few out-of-state schools and a dream or Ivy League school. Then you both can create a top-ten chart with the following items:

  1. Name of the University

  2. Admissions link and dates

  3. School or Field of Study Interest link

  4. Any Alumni Connections

  5. Virtual Campus Tour link

Visiting Colleges vs. Alumni Sourcing

Stepping foot on campus is no doubt an incredible feeling. It’s a tangible representation for your student mentee’s future college-bound goals. And while we do, of course, encourage and provide our students with opportunities for touring local universities, we’d like them to consider first-hand experience, too. And this is where the help of a mentor can really shine. Crowd-source your friends, colleagues and other connections to find someone you know who attended the school’s on your students list. If possible, set up a phone or FaceTime interview during one of your mentoring sessions and watch your mentee’s eyes light up!

Personal Statement Outline

Common Essay Prompts: these questions aim to capture the essence of what makes a student special from one to the next. It’s important your mentee dig deep here. Some find it helpful to create a short list of 3-5 personal circumstances, values or experiences that impacted or altered the trajectory of their life. Now is not the time for perfect grammar or word-counts. Just guidance and praise when your mentee has some "ah-ha” moments!

Desiree Webb-Oftedal