Rising Above the Spring Fog

It’s the not load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
— Lou Holtz
Standing on the shoulders of giants!

Standing on the shoulders of giants!

Whatever stress relief techniques you’ve mastered, now is the time to pass on these nuggets of wisdom to your mentee. Spring semester of their Junior year will no doubt test their ability to manage stress, a packed schedule and high pressure situations. We know they’re capable and with your help, they’re sure to soar! This semester your mentee will take the following exams:

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • SAT Subject exams

  • AP exams

  • Dual Enrollment Finals

  • Plus the standard quizzes, tests and finals!

Does your brain hurt, too?

Fast Facts to Encourage your Scholarship Search

  • There’s over 19 billion dollars available from 3.7 million opportunities!

  • Each year there is around $100 million in unclaimed scholarships in the U.S., often because there aren't enough qualified applicants.

  • Private scholarships make up a very small amount of the total awards, but the give the biggest average award amount per student ($8,366 compared to $4,755 for federal and $2,844 for state grants).

Spring Break College Campus Tours

Desiree Webb-Oftedal