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 The Path to College Fellowship pairs motivated young scholars with experienced and committed mentors who guide them along the Path to College. 



Every student has different skill sets, and our program aims to help their mentees take the right class, and open doors to the right opportunities that will let each student shine and find personal enrichment. Our mentors guide the student fellows through the college application process and give much needed financial aid advice. 



Our students are receive training in application tips, interview skills, in person and online entrance exam tutoring and college advisement, as well as personal statement coaching. We organize workshops and field trips to help enrich our students learning and growth. 



Our organization is committed to offering academic and personal enrichment opportunity including workshops, special tours, and field trips. Students who are accepted into the program are also required to give back in the form of tutoring younger elementary school students. 

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  We have set out the following student profile guidelines; however, if there is a student who does not have one of these components, but displays great leadership and civic responsibility, we will absolutely consider him/her. 

The program starts in tenth grade and follows the student through graduation, so we are looking for students to apply at the end of their ninth grade year with a GPA at or above 3.5, and/or a PSAT score of around 1000, and/or a FSA score of 4/5; however, we will accept ESOL students with a score of 3.
Again, these are guidelines and not strict restrictions. Our income guideline for defining "low-income" generally follow the
PBC housing guidelines, but, again, we may make considerations for students whose families fall slightly above the income categories as we realize this measure can affect families much differently depending on a variety of circumstances.  

Students with an interest in civics, academics, politics and communication will be greatly served by our program; however, we accept students with interests as diverse in nature as their backgrounds. Most importantly, we are looking for the students who display leadership, who really deserve this help, and who will use it to give back to their communities. Students whose parents are not able to help guide them through the college selection and application process, but who have the potential to go far, are the ones best suited for our program.




Please complete this form and email to

Complete Application Submissions MUST INCLUDE:

  • High school transcripts*
    (Find them at

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • Parent(s) or guardian(s) submission of most recent tax return (If sending separately from your completed application, please have them inclose your name and birthday in the subject line)

If you need help with the application process,  or have any questions before you apply, please fill out the form to the left.

*We review academic transcripts to learn about an applicant’s academic pursuits and course load, however, we believe grades and GPA are subjective and do not reflect a candidate’s sophistication of thought, integrity, or the ability to contribute to society and the Path to College Fellowship. Far more significant are the personal essay sections and letters of recommendation, which offer a foundation for applicants to tell their stories, express their unique interests, and describe their relationship to the community.