Path to College
was founded in 2017…  

We are a network of professionals and active community members committed to making our communities better through the advancement of higher education. 


To enrich the academic growth and increase the competitiveness of our student fellows in their admission to college.



We are a community of teachers and community residents who have trudged our own path to college. We help our students reach their academic and personal goals everyday, but we want to do more for those students who could benefit from individually centered guidance. We want to invest in the next generation of leaders by helping them trudge the path to college while acquiring as many skills, learning experiences, and chances to give back as possible. We believe that through our community-centered program, we can create waves of positive academic influences for many generations to come. 

We have seen many in the current generation of young adults become saddled with student loan debt in the midst of a struggling economy. As teachers, we have seen young students who, while being smart and motivated, do not believe higher education is in their future because of their family’s economic resources. We want to help the next generation of high school student to avoid the pitfalls of predatory lending, and degree programs that aren’t worth their salt.


We believe access to higher education leads to a fuller and richer life, ultimately leading to broader societal advancement.

We are a community of compassionate mentors who are devoted to continuing education for underprivileged adolescents. 

We understand that students from financially insecure households are less likely to pursue the heights of their academic potential, and are often unguided along the sometimes-complicated Path to College. 

We are committed to providing this much needed guidance and extracurricular investment and are committed to preparing the next generation of scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs.



Higher SAT scores that will earn our students better scholarships, so they stay out of debt and stay in school.

A Community of Positivity- our group of amazing fellows, our mentors, our director, and YOU provide the village of positive support, guidance, and encouragement for these underserved and unguided students along their path.

More Applications to more schools and scholarships. This is really the biggest challenge for our students. They aren’t applying to the schools they deserve to go to because, without support, the task seems too daunting.

More Connected Neighborhoods with a strong focus on education. Our students are tutoring struggling readers at Highland Elementary. Our community members are mentoring our students so that their Path to College is secure. Our program is a multi-level long-term effort to increase extracurricular support in order to uplift and encourage the academic and educational attainment of our neighborhood children.




As honored advisors of this public charity, it is our utmost priority to ensure that the Path to College Foundation’s mission and goals do the most amount of good for the most deserving students

Thank You to our Partners